RFU to hold a meeting with England’s Billy Vunipola after defending Australian comments


The Rugby Football Association says it doesn’t bolster Billy Vunipola’s perspectives after the Britain forward guarded Israel Folau’s online networking post asserting “damnation anticipates” gay individuals.

Vunipola, who was condemned for loving the post, called for individuals to “live their lives how God expected” and said, “man was made for a lady to reproduce”.

The RFU said on Friday it means to hold a gathering with Vunipola.

“Rugby is a comprehensive game, and we don’t bolster these perspectives,” it said in an announcement.

“We will meet with Billy to talk about his web-based social networking posts.”

Rugby Australia and New South Ribs Rugby Association held a private gathering with the full-back in Sydney on Friday, having recently been unfit to reach him and said a while later their situation on the 30-year-old’s future was unaltered.

Online life clients scrutinized Vunipola subsequent to seeing he had preferred the post, and the Australia-conceived 26-year-old reacted in an Instagram proclamation on Friday.

“So toward the beginning of today I got three telephone calls from individuals instructing me to ‘not at all like’ the Izzy Folau post,” he composed.

“This is my situation on it. I don’t Despise anybody, neither do I believe I’m impeccable.

“There just comes a moment that you affront what I grew up having faith in that you sufficiently state is sufficient – what he’s adage isn’t that he doesn’t care for or love those individuals.

“He’s adage how we live our lives should be nearer to how God proposed them to be. The man was made for a lady to reproduce, that was the objective no?

“I’m not flawless – I’m in any event everything on that rundown at any rate at one point in my life. It damages to realize that. In any case, that is the reason I trust there’s a Divine being. To control and secure us and excuse us our trespasses as we pardon the individuals who trespass against us.”

Rugby Australia is set to end Folau’s agreement, only months from a World Container at which he would have been a focal figure for the Wallabies.

“Israel has neglected to comprehend the desire for him as a Rugby Australia and NSW Waratahs worker is that he can’t share material via web-based networking media that censures denounce or victimizes individuals based on their sexuality,” read an announcement.

Folau, who marked a four-year manage the Waratahs in Spring and had an arrangement with Rugby Australia until 2022, got away discipline for comparative remarks a year ago.

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